The Australian Cobberdog


By Adam Ford 818-694-8206


My name is Adam Ford, and I want to give you all an Aussie explanation and introduction to the new name for the famous Australian Labradoodle.

The great island continent of Australia, famously known as The Land Downunder, is just full of funny looking animals, happy-go-lucky people, and some funny Aussie slang.   They have more slang words for one common word that you can “Poke a Stick At”.   One of those funny and endearing words is Cobber!    “Cobber” is an old fashioned term for mate, or friend.   It seems fitting that the new name for this evolving breed should depict the traits for which it was always meant to be.  A great friend who will always be there for you through thick and thin.  Your best mate...Your Cobber.  

There has been a lot of confusion about what this breed really is and how they originally came to be.  They were purpose built from the ground up to perform “service work” for those among us who suffer from severe allergies to dogs.   They were indeed created in Australia over 30 years ago, for the specific task to guide the sight impaired and to act as specialized companions to those in need of a full time four legged mate, to help them through their challenges.  They were a smash hit!



The Australian Cobberdog is the newly recognized name in Australia for the Australian Labradoodle.

It means best friend, and that’s exactly what they are...Hypo-allergenic, non-shedding, super smart, mega friendly and full of love love love!